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Mp3Juicespro and all of it's contents are free of charge for Personal Use ONLY. Organizations can make sue of the system as long as it falls within the terms of usage.The site may not be used by any entities who wish to track user data or to drive traffic as a leech point.Such sites, entites and individuals will be directly exposed and reported to service providers and search engines as well, possibly prompting a place for them on ip blacklists.The system is operated privately meaning that usage at all times or from all regions cannot always be guaranteed.We try at best at all times to serve our visitors by any means possible.We use cookies to better serve our users and speed up requests sent to our servers.The overall responsibility of the systems usage ultimately lies with the users. We urge all of our users to use this service for their personal uses ONLY. We reserve the right to ban any IP addresses we may find suspicious or in violation of the site's policy. Our privacy policy is also subject to change at any time.